Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Tribute to JT & JB

This is a late post for me...usually I am a morning-poster. Actually, I am a morning everything. I love waking up early, sometimes sunrise-early. I eat my breakfast, workout, think, blog, and just bask in the silence around me. It's a time when I can keep my guard completely down and just listen to my own breathing.
Back to the real reason of this post:
I have been so inspired by two people lately...and they are dating (yeah, I'm that girl with celebrity crushes!). Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel. Two reasons why I love JT right now? He has an awesome clothing line William Rast and now a new line for Target too! However, he also just produced my favorite new workout beat: Take You Down (listen to this track, it's catchy!). As for Ms. Biel (hopefully to be Mrs. Timberlake)...she was just featured in the January edition of Fitness Magazine as an ACTION HEROINE. She is inspiring me to walk, climb, run, and do anything active to fight for change. I am definitely going to look into active ways to take a stand against the issues that impact my daily life (article seen here).
They are both beautiful, talented, motivated do-gooders...what do you think of this power duo?

Active & Athletic

Glamorous & Sophisticated

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  1. Umm cutest couple ever. That red dress is hot!!