Monday, January 10, 2011

The Weekly Weigh In

Hey guys! So I came across this great little blogging "project" over at Fashion Therapist (by the way it's an awesome blog so check it out!) Every Sunday Tabitha does a WEEKLY WEIGH IN. The weigh in is like a motivating tool to make sure that she is staying on top of new years resolutions; I definitely want to try it out. The weigh in is a series of questions and answers (so truthfully ponder, reflect & question yourself and your actions and behaviors). Here are the questions and my answers if you want to do this little "weigh-in" too!
Weekly Weigh-In:  Week 1
1.  What is the thing that you're most proud of this week that helped you with your 2011 goals/resolutions?  This sounds like a silly thing to be proud of but...I gave my body some rest. I constantly push myself nonstop when it comes to exercise and I recently bruised my tailbone (again!) It is always so hard for me to rest and take time off when my body needs to recover. However, I have given my body suitable time to rest and I feel a lot better.
2.  Is there anything that you wish you did this week, but didn't?  I wish I didn't get into so many little arguments with my sister (and my family). I think little "squabbles" are so immature and pointless but for some reason they happen. Regardless, I am leaving for Spring semester today and wish some of my moments home were not filled with petty arguments (Side note: I know that I love my family more than anything.)
3.  Is there something/someone in particular that motivated you this week?  I was motivated by my mother this week. She always tells me things, CONSTANTLY, whether it is asked for or not but she really has one of the best perspectives on life (more so than anyone else I know). 
4.  Did you learn anything from the things you did this week?  I learned that although breakdowns happen (my future and the "unknown" are my biggest concerns) I can't do anything about that now. I just need to embrace the future but most importantly enjoy the present because I will never get to relieve the awesome times I am going through right now.
5.  How will you work towards the goals you've set for yourself in the upcoming week?  This week I'm going to make sure I stay in control. I am not going to panic when things don't go exactly as I hoped. I am going to make sure I contact a member of my family every day (even if it's just to say "I love you," yeah I'm sappy...). Also, I am going to slowly fall back into my workout routine (I know I need to take it easy but I really miss it). Lastly, I am going to spend every moment reminding myself that I need to have FUN because that's what life is all about.

What about everyone else?
What is your WEEKLY WEIGH IN?

Shot of me and my 2 best happiness motivator for the week!

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  1. Thansk so much for participating. I will definitely be adding you to next week's Weigh-In.

    It's a good thing you gave your body a rest. Sometimes there are people who need that more than exercise. I've learned that the body works in mysterious ways and the best thing you can do for your health is to truly listen to it.

    Good luck with your goals this week and keep up the great work!