Monday, January 17, 2011

10 Things I Learned This Weekend

So I found a new blog this weekend, Being Brazen, and I can not stop going through all of her posts! This South African blogger posts inspirational images, quotes, and has a fresh perspective on life as well as fashion; if you're anything like me you will love her blog! Check it out here!
Anyway, she does a post each Monday called "10 Things I Learned This Weekend" and I figured I would give it a go since I did learn so much! However, I may start doing this post on Sundays and do my "Weekly Weigh In" on Monday, just like blogger the Fashion Therapist, who did a lovely shout-out to me during her WWI post yesterday, thanks girl!

10 Things I Learned This Weekend!
  1. No matter how many times you argue & fight, family always sticks around
  2. Having a lot of alone time can really help you put things in perspective
  3. Starting a new job (or internship!) is always going to be scary but it is an adventure
  4. Going out of your comfort zone is necessary if you want to branch out and meet new people
  5. You DO NOT need to chug a whole pitcher of Sangria at Charlie O's to have a great time
  6. Spending a few dollars for some "cheap thrills" at the dollar store is sometimes just as good as a major splurge at Nordstrom's!
  7. Blogging is not a competition but a real opportunity to connect with others and start friendships (thanks to Fashion Therapist, Julie Go Lean, The Oatmeal Diaries, and In Staley's Atmosphere for being awesome new blog friends!)
  8. Exercise can be the cure to stress and anxiety but sometimes a new magazine and hot shower will do. 
  9. I love JollyTime Kettle Corn a little way, way, WAY too much!
  10. It's fun thinking about what I learned this week...this is going to be a weekly post, thanks for the idea Being Brazen!
Did you learn anything new this weekend? Also, if you like reading/want to know more about me then please follow my blog, follow me on twitter and/or leave me comments because it really makes me smile!
This painting entitled "Pollux" by Casey O'Connell is totally isnpiring me!
(Check out more of her paintings here)


  1. I love reading your blog Cassie and blogging friendships are always fun! I so agree with you about the starting a new job or internship, I just started my internship and it was scary at first but now it's a great experience!

  2. What a cool painting! And thank you for the shoutout love!!

  3. Well said. I love that you view blogging as a way to meet others not compete. That was a breath of fresh air