Sunday, January 2, 2011

What I Want: Jeweled Headband

My mindset for the holidays is "'tis the season to be sparkly!" Christmas trees and wreaths, sequined party-dresses and loads of glimmery and shimmery stars and lights just make me want to douse myself in glitter and run through the snowy streets singing "All I Want for Christmas is You!" Now that was a mouth-full!
Although the "holiday" season is technically over I refuse to stop incorporating a little razzle-dazzle into my wardrobe. My new obsession? Jeweled Headbands! There are so many ways to wear them: wrap them around your wrist and voila: a glam bracelet. Wear them traditional style on your head as a head band, breaking up the monotony of a regular pony tail or bun. But my favorite...gypsy style, a type of chic-karate-kid! But seriously, it is boho and elegant, seen on the fashion runway of designer Betsey Johnson and on celebrities like Ally Hilfiger and Paris Hilton. I am off to look for a jeweled headband today! Where should I look? Forever21? Urban Outfitters? Let me know!

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