Sunday, January 9, 2011

Leather on a Sunday

This is a really short post because I am PACKING my life up again...destination: Rhode Island, my last semester of undergrad. While this is semi-sad (and when I say this I must admit that I have cried numerous times over the course of this break, wondering where all the time has gone) I am really excited to start my internship and gain some MAJOR EXPERIENCE in the Fashion PR and interactive world.
I have been totally inspired by LEATHER JACKETS lately and I really, really, REALLY want one! Today my mom spotted a beautiful Michael Kors Leather Biker Jacket at Marshalls, sadly it was not purchased (I definitely would have snagged that on my next trip home). But here is a little leather inspiration found at the blog, Blog de Luv Aj, check it out for awesome fashion shots.
Happy Sunday!
What do you think of a leather vest, leather skirt & a tucked in button-down? 
Sexy & edgy yet still polished!  

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  1. mmm a great brown leather jacket is totally on my list of necessary life items haha