Saturday, January 22, 2011


Something has been bothering me lately, and it's something so silly, yet all girls can relate to what I am about to say. But first a little back story...I used to be a big tom-boy (back in the day) and never liked makeup, pretty clothes, or anything "girly" for that matter. It all changed, actually it seemed to be an overnight transition, and I have been consumed by glitter, sparkles, 5-inch heels, and pretty colors ever since. However somewhere in between this process I never fully learned how to apply my makeup. I do okay (even pretty darn good sometimes if I do say so myself) but it lacks a certain "OOMPH" that I really want and need. Wearing makeup makes me feel good about myself; makes me feel pretty, confident and ready to tackle the world head on. So...I pretty much have most things mastered (or done well enough to my liking) besides eye makeup, which to me seems to be the hardest. I can't handle the "smokey eye," it's too much for my face however I love the dark eye makeup in the pictures below. Does anyone have any tips to get results like these? In my dreams I have a celebrity makeup artist powdering my nose and lining my eyelids every day...oh to dream!
Beyonce Knowles
Lauren Conrad
Kim Kardashian

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