Thursday, January 13, 2011

Copper Lee

I have always loved jewelery ranging from big, colorful statements to small and delicate pieces. Despite my love for jewelery I tend to wear the same things daily, diamond studs and my Michael Kors watch. Last night I read up on Lulu Frost, an awesome jewelery line started by Lisa Salzer while she was in college; she completely inspired me to start creating my own original pieces. Why not right? I am feeling creative and I need an outlet...BOOM, my motive!
This morning I went out and gathered some materials. Since I am completely self-teaching myself I went into the store like an ostrich with my head in the sand. I stood in every aisle contemplating what to buy...what do I need? What do I even do? After about 45 minutes I left with some pliers, beading wire, hooks & clasps, and two colors of glass beads. I spent a few hours today playing around with some beading patterns, twisting wires, and attaching clasps (which are all much more difficult then I ever thought or anticipated).
My first piece is rather simple. It is a double strand twisted bracelet (bead colors: black and gold-copper). Since I officially created my first piece I decided I had to name this little line of mine...COPPER LEE. It blends my love for the natural and shimmery color copper and my middle name which is Lee. I also decided I am going to only use black, copper, silver and gold beads and wires for these pieces. I tend to stick to more basic, simple, and easy to match clothes so why not jewelery too?
What do you guys think of the bracelet? What should I make next?

Start-up Materials 
 Bracelet view # 1
 Bracelet view # 2


  1. Nice job with the bracelet. I love bracelets...who am I kidding, I love all accessories, but bracelets and rings are my "thing".

  2. I think it's fabulous! Great first attempt. I can't even imagine the things yet to come :)

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. LOVE that watch! And I admire your patience because I have zilch!