Tuesday, January 4, 2011


I finally get to display my new blazer! I just love blazers...love, love, LOVE! They add instant polish to any outfit, and I just feel so grown-up when I wear one. This blazer that I am wearing is from Target, can you even believe that? I love the pinstripe lining, and the long boyfriend-esque fit. Although it is a little loose it is still fitted in the chest and shoulders so it still looks really feminine.

Blazer: Mossimo by Target, Knit T-shirt: Ecote (from Urban Outfitters), Black Jeggings: Forever 21, Boots: BASS, Necklace: Aqua (from Bloomingdales)


  1. you're too cute:) i have that same blazer! enjoy blogging hun!

  2. girl that blazer is to die faw! love it :) and i love a good deal on a blazer too! i have a fabulous one from macy's (inc) that i got on sale originally 120 bucks for 20 dollars! it was my best purchase ever :)