Thursday, February 3, 2011


I can't believe this is my 100th post! While part of me wants to explain how much I love blogging and what it has done for me, I won't...(you can read my declaration page for that). However, I want to gush a little a lot *happy dance* for one small but MAJOR reason. I want to gush about all my amazing readers and followers. You seriously do not know how big of a smile I have plastered on my face when I read your is truly one of the greatest feelings I have ever experienced. To know that some of you are just like me: interested in fashion and styling and approaching it from a laid-back "this-is-a-jog-not-a-sprint-learning-experience-let's-take-our-time-and-see-what-works-for-us" mentality, not a competition: trying to out-buy, out-wear, out-post, and out-follow (I guess that means get more followers?) fellow bloggers. I appreciate the relationship we have been building and I can't wait to see it's progression, this tight little community is something that I really treasure...okay, sappiness over.
I will be posting twice today, an OOTD post later, but I wanted to make this one separate...a tribute to my lovely co-bloggers and readers! So what are you posting now, Cassie? Well let me explain, this is just a little collage (I use that term loosely, one of my first attempts with these "collages" on blogger) of things that are getting me through this week. I have been thinking so much (over thinking actually) about the future, I just need to appreciate what is going on now.
Funny picture outtakes (aka mirror shots), studded bracelet (disclaimer: this doesn't fit in the equestrian and/or GI Jane categories), cozy nooks that I create in my bed, Forever21 Red nail polish (borrowed from J-9), LeSportsac paisley messenger bag to carry all my books to school (borrowed from Grandma! haha), inspirational sayings that remind me of what's important (gifted from Mom!), organized closet.

How do you relax? What de-stresses you? 
I will be back later (unless I fall under the pile of work on my desk again!) 
Thanks again for making me one of the happiest girls in the world, I love all of your support!


  1. Yay for your 100th post!! Blogging destresses me anytime I am stressed out I just blog or look for things to blog about!

  2. Happy 100, sweets! I so feel the same exact way about blogging and this wonderful tight knit community we have. And blogging is my greatest destressor!

    Oh and great job on the collage! xoxo

  3. Congrats on 100!
    Your posts are really a genuine, and positive, something that is so rare amongst bloggers now-a-days.
    please never change!!

  4. congratulations on your 100th post!! I have no idea how have I've done :P
    hope you have a great weekend too hun!

  5. That red nail polish is super great! Very romantic and Valentinesy!