Thursday, February 10, 2011

I love Isabel Marant!

Has everyone seen the Isabel Marant Spring/Summer 2011 Collection? It is seriously the most amazing thing that I have ever seen! She is a truly inspiring designer--she has financial smarts, an original aesthetic and a shabby-chic-Parisian-bad-gal style (read this interview at Hobo Magazine, and this one at Elle). While I love the collection these are my favorite looks...chunky knits, lots of leg, structured jackets, belted is so boho-rocker I can't explain how badly I need some Isabel Marant pieces in my wardrobe.

(Entire Collection Here)


  1. Definitely obsessed! I love that second look with the little jacket and shorts- amazing!!

  2. IN LOVE with that fourth look...I love any sort of pop in cobalt! Love the shabby chic/Parisian thing too ;) hope you're linking up tomorrow for Friday's Fancies! xoxo {av}

  3. These looks are sooo things I would wear (plus a few inches maybe.) Gorgeous!