Sunday, April 3, 2011

Like a (Hair) Virgin, Touched for the Very 1st Time

So after yesterday mornings post I did a ton of thinking! Yes, I did try to apply the "steps" and while it did get me thinking about many things I noticed that I do way TOO much for other people; basically I let other peoples ideas/beliefs get in the way of my own. Although I think this is just something all 20-somethings go through, that cliche "discovery"/"finding myself" phase, I can't help but want to do something to break the I dyed my hair. Me, the indecisive and predictable girl did it; problem is, you can barely notice a change. I guess my dark brown hair was too much for the lightest golden brown natural instincts hair dye product (any suggestions how to go lighter without breaking the bank? I really want to change it up!). Besides the hair-dye-fail, I decided to mix up my food/meal routine as well (strange again) and made a delicious chocolate smoothie last night for dessert (totally making it again tonight!) and went out last night to socialize with friends I never see; senior year is weird for me--I feel like I never see anyone anymore. Between my homework, internship, job applications and "me" time I rarely have the energy to see old friends--this is all changing! What did I wear last night to the local college bar? I felt more NYC than Narragansett, RI but I loved it nonetheless:

T-shirt: GAP, Blazer: Dalia Collection, Jeans: Forever21, Belt: GEORGE, Wedges: Nine West, Earrings: NYC boutique

How do you change "it" up? Whatever that "it" may be?
Any hair-dying suggestions?


  1. nice dress)))

  2. FUN! I've been thinking about dying my hair for the first time, too! Except I think I want to go darker and put either low-lights in or maybe even do red or something. :) Whatever you do, just don't use Sun-in...that stuff gets fast results for a very cheap price, but isn't good for your hair. :p

  3. Hey girl nice blog, glad i found it :)

    Sometimes I feel like I am stuck in ruts, whatever the ruts may be (clothing, hair, food etc). I usually tend to overthink things too much and I dont end up changing anything. Lately I have been rather spontaneous ha ha and I kind of like it! I am trying totally different food, got a fringe/bangs etc. Sometimes its nice to have some change whatever that may be :)

  4. Loving your outfit, those earrings are gorgeous!!! If I want to change up my hair without lasting affects I have my stylist use "Shades" it doesnt last very long, but it'll give you different ideas for your hair.


  5. Aww, this is beautiful !
    I love it!

    ...OH MY VOGUE!

  6. If I'm stuck in a rut I change the same things!! Weird huh?? My hair def. changes first though. I've never had a good experience with dying my hair from dark to light at home though. It's always ended up being a funky shade. So I don't really have any at-home suggestions. I love the outfit though! The shoes/earrings are great :)