Saturday, April 2, 2011

Need Some Motivation?

You know those days when you just feel crummy? It's as if the sun could be shining, you have you favorite pair of shoes on, and you just got a cute text message from a guy you like/date/etc.--but it doesn't matter. I've kind of felt this way lately; maybe it's my upcoming graduation, stress in applying/finding a "real" job and trying to figure myself out in the process but I am spent...emotionally spent. When I was flipping though the April issue of SHAPE magazine I found an article about how to be your own cheerleader. I have been noticing a lot of bloggers like myself have been stressed about upcoming graduations, projects, events, this may be the perfect time to pep all of us up! Here are the steps:
  1. ID your strengths: the article tells us to write down 3-4 emotional and physical things about ourselves that we love. This is usually pretty hard for me (most people would agree, I think). Anyway, I think emotionally I am very genuine and observant, physically I think I have a strong body (thanks to the gym) and long, wavy hair.
  2. Give your wardrobe a makeover: it is suggested that we highlight our assets and figure out what works for me. This is a funny one; I always think that I dress my body correctly, but I have been noticing (since I read this article) that I tend to hide behind baggy clothes a lot--there's a difference between the tom-boy look and swimming in my clothes. Perfect time for some spring cleaning. I am definitely going to donate my unwanted clothes to a charity bin (find a Salvation Army location here).
  3. Make your heart pound: without a given, exercise can do so much for a person--even though some days I want to just say, "get away from me treadmill!" usually after a cardio session I feel so much better.

I'm hoping all of these things get me out of my little "funk." Maybe they will help you too--having great friends and outlets to vent your frustrations is always good and looking/doing things that make you happy and remind you of happy times is always key--with that said, here are some pictures from my Spring Break cruise to the Bahamas!

 Enjoy the sunshine!

Rachael & I on the Norwegian Jewel: taken before dinner
Nicole, Sydney, Rachael, Elora, Me--on Norwegian's private island in the Bahamas
The ladies and I in Nassau, Bahamas!
Elora and I on the boat: last full day at sea


  1. Amazing pics ♥ You are so beautiful :)


  2. Aren't the private islands the best? Looks like you had a wonderful time on vacation!
    And it looks like you have a great plan to tackle the next few months. Good luck!

  3. Looks like you had fun! You WILL get out of the funk, I promise...sometimes after a big vacation and lots of realities sinking back into place I get a little blah too. My remedies (other than exercise) are to call my friends and to ALWAYS have something to look forward to...even if its a small thing;)

    Aesthetic Lounge

  4. Oh my gosh that looks so fun! I am sooo jealous. I agree about the wardrobe thing. I need someone to show me how to dress best for my body!

  5. Great motivation tips! I think the one about IDing your strengths is especially interesting. Love your blog~happy to be your newest follower. Here is my blog if you want to check it out
    If you enjoy it, I'd love if you follow back ;)
    xo, Abby

  6. Lovely photos! You're gorgeous.