Saturday, April 30, 2011

Oh Saturday...

  1. Stop and smell the roses...because they do smell quite lovely
  2. Go for a run...and dance while doing so (with bejeweled headphones)
  3. Make your own feather earrings (I like this DIY version)
  4. Sport a coral-colored pout
  5. Hit the town at night...and tote a studded clutch

I'm off to enjoy my day and get myself ready because...formal's tonight! 


  1. Omg there is this lady in a town by me that is KNOWN (she has her own FB group) for walking down the main avenue dancing and running while listening to her music. Its hysterical.

    Enjoy the day and have a wonderful time at formal!!

  2. Love this post! I like the lipstick-- I went out last night and forgot my liptstick and I felt lost haha

  3. Can't wait to have rose blossoms in my garden again. I love the fragrance so much. And they look amazing too.

    Have a great weekend!

  4. bejeweled headphones?! where does one find such a thing?