Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Keepin' It Real

What's the best fashion advice you have ever heard? Recently magazines keep urging us to wear what is comfortable and what is most familiar. While I love testing the limits (sometimes...baby steps) I am definitely most comfortable in a cardigan, jeans, a button-down shirt and flats. There is something about the comfort of all these individual pieces; funnily, the simplicity of all my fashion staples combined creates a pretty polished and glossy look. Today I am "keepin' it real," totally simple:
Cardigan: H&M, Button-down: Verve, Jeans: Forever21, Flats: Steve Madden, Watch: Michael Kors

If you are "keepin' it real" what do you wear?


  1. almost the exact same thing!! i live in jcrew button downs, skinny jeans and boots/flats depending on the weather. and i ALWAYS wear my MK watch! have a good tuesday girl!

  2. i feel comfortable in pretty much the exact same thing! in summer its just a pretty summery dress which i pretty much live in. I just found your blog, and i love it! i am following x

  3. Love your look!
    I'm the same, I like comfort so my 'keeping it real' look has got to be pair of black leggings, a baggy top and my wedges! Pretty boring, but my fav :) xxx