Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Style Crush: Louise Bourgoin

While I was flipping through the March issue of Glamour yesterday I realized two things...one, I am definitely going to dye my hair (nothing drastic!). I just want to lighten it up a bit and add some highlights, just like Minka Kelley's hair! It's the perfect mix of dirty blonde and auburn brown! Two, I absolutely love the style of French actress Louise Bourgoin...major style crush, especially with her evening looks--the girl does a LBD in such a chic and sophisticated way!

What about you guys? Any new style crushes?


  1. yea i totally think i may have just developed a style crush on her too!

    <3 megan

  2. Oh wow - I love every single LBD!

    Lexi @ http://glitterandpearls.com

  3. Love her style! She's so gorgeous! X.


  4. I loved this months Glamour! There were so many good articles in there. Minka's hair would be perfect. I love the color.

  5. I need to go pick up the issue this month! I'm so behind on magazine reading! But yes, she is divine!!

    Aesthetic Lounge