Thursday, March 10, 2011

Red Nails and a Smile on My Face

So I just went to Health Services and I...just have a cold (whew! I was getting worried). Spring break in the Bahamas, I am ready for you!! Today is a freezing-cold day and yet again I would love to thank Rhode Island for having bipolar weather tendencies, can it be sunshiny and warm instead of cold and rainy? This is my attempt at layering...I have been so inspired by the bloggers at Atlantic-Pacific and See Jane, am I getting better at this unappreciated art form?

Sweater: GAP, Button-down: Chambray from BASS Outfitters, Leggings: The Girls, Boots: BASS Outfitters, Watch: Michael Kors, Barrett: Century 21, Nail polish: OPI InStyle Red

Stay warm!


  1. Love your nails. You are so pretty!


  2. Gorgeous look on you! Glad you only have a up!

    Aesthetic Lounge

  3. Love the red nail polish! it always makes me happy when I have red nails - i look down at them and smile! haha xx

  4. get better soon, you look cute!

  5. love your watch!

    Danniella @