Tuesday, March 15, 2011


I am wearing so many different fabrics/textures today--and I love it. I usually am pretty skeptical when it comes to mixing and matching prints, textures, colors, etc. I think it comes from my thought that I can't pull it off. However, I have come to find that personal style comes from stepping outside the box every now and then, trying and blending polar opposites, hoping to pull everything together into a cohesive look. While I am definitely not the most stylish, I can see myself evolving and becoming more confident in my outfit choices which is a huge goal of mine; being able to wear whatever my heart desires, picking something up in a store and reinventing the way I wear it (multiple wears/multiple uses)! So why not blend chambray, silk, cotton, chunky knits and leather? Today I am wearing:
Blouse: Chambray (label unknown-bought at Marshalls), Leggings: The Girls, Boots: BASS Outfitters, Sweater: American Eagle Outfitters, Scarf: OSCAR by Oscar de la Renta, Belt: borrowed from Mom, Necklace: initial chain (gifted from Aunt L), Earrings: Street Vendor (China Town, NYC), Watch: Michael Kors (not pictured).


  1. Hey Cassie! Nice to meet you :) So glad you read Lauren's blog too, isn't she so talented??

    Way to go mixing prints/patterns/fabrics! It took a while for me to come around to the idea as well, but it's so worth it in the end. So many more options materialize! :) And of course you'll always still have the simpler options too, like you're one in all black a couple posts back - ADORABLE!

    So What If I Like Pretty Things

  2. I love that sweater!! AE always has comfy ones. This mix of fabrics go great together. The scarf looks great with the outfit!

  3. I love love love how you mix all the textures--and tossed in the periwinkle too! It's so beautiful with the black! Hope you enjoyed the sunshine today! xoxo {av}

  4. I really like ur sweater!! :)


  5. Suuper cute! Love the sweater :)