Thursday, March 17, 2011

Spring Break on the Brain

I'm in the library, dressed way down: long-sleeve t-shirt, Sperry's and jeans--not OOTD worthy by any means. While I am trying to finish my marketing plan and proposal I can not stop people watching in the library. Does anyone else have this problem? I am sitting by the door on the 3rd floor (bad idea # 1). This floor is GREEK SYSTEM central and I keep seeing people I kind of know but don't really know. What do I do? Do I say hey, do the head nod, ignore them completely? Then I must (not-so-discretely) stop turning my head every which way to see who walked in, who walked out, who is sitting with who--when did I become so nosy? Right now I literally feel like a spinning head Medusa, I am looking everywhere, time to focus Cassie: just look at the computer screen, just blog, please just blog and stop looking up.
Change of topic, since I am procrastinating before my class at 11...I have spring break on my brain and these photos by Tamer Yilmaz from Elle Turkey March 2011 are getting me so excited to leave the cold weather behind and hop on my cruise boat--jetting off to the Bahamas! I can not wait for bright nail polish, big sunglasses, breezy patterned dresses and a backdrop of palm trees and turquoise water! Now if only I had a wardrobe Miu Miu and Prada...


  1. Love these pictures! So springy and happy! I have the hardest time studying in the library too, I always end up people watching or seeing people I know, it's bad! Hang in there! Spring Break will be here before you know it! Last week I had spring break brain for sure!

  2. GORGEOUS photos! Makes me want a spring break! Have fun in the Bahamas!!!

    <3 Megan
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  3. Love the blue canvas Prada bag in the first photo!

    Have a great time on your SB!

    xo Lamb

  4. Those yellow shoes are so much fun!


  5. The first one is awesome! Love Prada and in the last one.. <3 heels!!! im following!

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  6. love these pics. all of the shoes are to die for!!

  7. OMG I love that polka dot one piece with those yellow pumps! perfect for summer!