Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A Ton of Skirt + A Ton of Carrots

There are two things I have been obsessing over lately. Wanna guess? Okay, I'll tell you--carrots and long skirts. Random combination? Yes but I'll go on. Today I went to meet a lovely friend and former coworker of mine in NYC. I knew it would be a hot evening in the city, so I decided to wear a skirt (I wore it as a dress here). I love multi-functional pieces. Remember how I talked about reducing, reusing, and recycling clothes? Well I think I can make an exception for buying new things if they work in numerous ways like this Forever21 skirt. I'm wearing:
Skirt: Forever21 // Tank-top: Hanes // Cardigan: Bass Outfitters // Belt: Gifted from Mom // Watch: Michael Kors // Sandals: Bass Outfitters
Let's not forget my lunch from today:
100 calorie Bagel Flat // Veggie Burger // Spinach Leaves // 1 slice white cheese // Carrots // Cherry Tomatoes // Trader Joe's Salsa // Spicy Mustard

See the carrot love?
See the skirt love?
Oh and my puppy says hi :) He was tanning today!


  1. I love how you paired that belt with the skirt! Too cute!

  2. Loving your outfit! That belt is gorgeous!


  3. Love that skirt and the belt. You look awesome in blue!

  4. That skirt is perfect and so versatile! Love it. And your lunch looks yumm! xo

  5. I can't seem to get enough long skirts either lately! Love yours!

  6. Not only is your pup adorable, but I love this outfit! You should come link up this coming monday and share a pic of layering your, this pic is perfect;)

    Many Layers Monday at Aesthetic Lounge