Thursday, June 30, 2011

If You Don't Focus On Your @$$, No One Else Will

I found that quote in Women's Health Magazine (by associate editor, Cristina Goyanes) and it just cracked me up so I had to share it with everyone! first strength training/lifting session is today and I have been waiting all week for it to be Thursday. I've been so inspired by all you amazing ladies out there who are lifting and proving that girls can be strong, powerful and BEAUTIFUL at the same time--I'm going to be a major copy-cat and lift too (isn't imitation the sincerest form of flattery?)

Strength training has always been something I refused to partake in. I thought weights and lifting = intense World's Strongest Woman muscles (aka here) and that's just not my look. I prefer having a toned body and I know lifting will give that to me--thanks for opening my eyes, ladies!

With all that said, I have always had trouble with my clothing identity. Are you lost yet? What I mean is, in high school when I was an athlete, I dressed like one, re: baggy shorts, hoodies and the like. Then I went through this sorority, girly-girly phase where I only wore sundresses and skirts (not to the gym of course, but you catch my drift). Why can't I just wear work-out clothes (ie: sweats) and feel just as beautiful as when I wear a great pair of jeans and wedges to go out? Well, I can, it's just about thinking that I can and having the confidence to do so. Let me introduce y'all to yesterdays shopping trip:
Left: 2 pairs of Champion for Target shorts, Champion for Target dry-fit t-shirt via Target // Right: True Religion flare-leg jeans, BCBG knit t-shirt sweater, Testament buttoned blouse via Marshalls

So the point of this post: lifting does not equal manliness, girliness doesn't mean you can't wear shorts, sportiness doesn't mean you can not wear dresses, and if you want to look good, focus on your ass at the gym. Oh, and listen to this because it's amazing:


  1. Thanks for getting me inspired workout wise this week! I have been slacking since I went on vacation!

  2. !! I think it's so awesome that you're getting into strength training and I hope your workout goes well! I used to be all about the cardio because I had the same fear that lifting would turn me into She-Hulk, but I took a chance and fell head over heels in love with it. I love how strong it makes me feel, and I do have to admit that I get better results from it than I do from running, which is always nice >:D

  3. It might sound cheesy- but I feel most confident in whatever is most comfortable to me. And that doesn't mean sweats- I mean that it fits well and fits the occasion. If I'm too cold or my shirt is too tight around the neck or my pants have shrunk and are too short- I just don't feel as confident. As I get to be more of an "adult" I've started to notice these things :)

  4. I get my workout clothes from Target too! Have fun with the strength training, it's fun to see the great results!

  5. I have such a large variety of clothes in my wardrobe. Sometimes I just wear a t-shirt and shorts, and other times I wear dresses and blouses. I guess it just depends what I feel like! Yay for getting toned by lifting, I'm sure you already heard of The New Rules of Lifting for Women but if you haven't you should really pick it up cause it's a great read :)

  6. Haha I love that quote from the mag! I love lifting- it makes me feel so strong and accomplished!

  7. new workout cloths always inspire me to get my butt moving..those shorts with the blue stripe are HOT!! haha

  8. I went running yesterday and biffed it I dont really know how but I cut my foot (that was covered in a GOOD shoe) and my hand pretty! LOL