Saturday, June 4, 2011


This post comes out of desperation, a need to just get my thoughts out of my head. Ever since I graduated in May I have been feeling pretty BLEH? BLAH? BLALALA? Just off. (Any other college grads feel this way?) Despite trying to maintain a positive and cheery outlook on everything I have realized something, why am I not being me? Candidly Cassie was supposed to be a place where I can unleash all my thoughts, but it slowly became just something about fashion, style, and clothes...well not for long. I want to write about everything that interests me--fashion being one thing, but also fitness and food; I want to start cooking and baking, doing DIY projects and reporting on various trips I take. I don't want to feel bogged down by something (blogging) that usually made me happy. I think I have kept in a lot of things that I wanted to say for fear of losing readers or being misunderstood. I just want to blog honestly and openly. I want to say how I feel about things and I want people to read my thoughts and let me know that I'm not alone because that is what blogging has taught me over the past few months...I am not alone.
So on a lighter note (I'm trying to work on this whole happiness thing) I am leaving you all with a picture of my breakfast:
Cereal mix: Kashi Honey Sunshine & Cinnamon Puffins // Yogurt: Dannon Light & Fit Raspberry // 1 Granny Smith Apple // Blueberries & Strawberries // Tons of Cinnamon
Here's to a lot more being seen on Candidly Cassie :)


  1. feel free to blog about whatever you want!! Your blog should be your place to express yourself. that cereal mix looks delicious!!

  2. I know exactly how you feel, since starting my internship and not totally loving it I've just been in this blah spot. I say blog about whatever you want! It is your blog!