Wednesday, June 29, 2011

WIAW # 1

I'm happy to report 2 things this morning:
  1. I am posting my first WIAW--link up at Peas and Crayons!
  2. I did not blow up my house last night. If you follow me on Twitter you would have seen a steady stream of tweets that looked like this: 

Luckily, I'm alive and Feeding Brain & Body's egguffins were delicious and surprisingly easy to make. These eggy and oaty muffins will definitely be making their way into my regular food rotation! Thanks for the recipe, girl! There's going to be more cooking/baking to come in my future :) I love it.
The first muffin tin I ever purchased, and I got a jumbo one...more egguffin mix next time!
Like I said this is my first WIAW so don't hate--I forgot to snap shots of snacks--oops! I'll get better I promise.
Hot oats with canned pumpkin, banana, blueberries, blackberries, a scoop of pb & jelly, tons of cinnamon.
Recycled shot--Sandwich flat, Dr. Pragers veggie burger, spinach, 1 slice cheese, Trader Joe's Salsa, carrots, cherry tomatoes.
Egguffins enjoyed with a large bowl of steamed veggies.

Not pictured: 1 apple, bowl of microwaved canned pumpkin + cinnamon, chocolate smoothie with cereal mixed in. 

Happy Hump Day :)


  1. I'm glad everything turned out alright haha! Those egguffins look great!

  2. cooking can be very dangerous for newbies like us! Hope it was delicious!

  3. Welcome to WIAW! Always so much fun. And your oatmeal toppings look delish--I happen to also be a fan of tons of cinnamon, I buy the restaurant-sized containers from Costco and use them at the rate normal people use the small jars :D

  4. Glad to hear that you didn't blow up your house, and next time you make those muffins, I'm coming over for dinner - they look delicious!

    Hope you're having a beautiful day!

  5. It's hard to snap a pic of everything you eat in one day isn't it?! I just usually pick a few meals to post. your muffins look yummy!!

  6. I love those tweets. twitter just became the new "MOM, HOW DO YOU DO THIS?" phone call.

  7. hahahaha you did it! <3 I have a mini muffin tin and you have a jumbo one... we obv cant be normal and buy the regular size =) looove it!

    Happy WIAW pretty lady!


  8. Yay WIAW! Now I want to have pumpkin oatmeal. Mmmm

  9. ohh all those food pics are making me hungry lol

  10. I'm glad everything was safe in the kitchen :). The egguffins look good!

  11. I'm curious about the egguffins- I might have to make some since you were so successful!

  12. I love that name~egguffins. Classic!

  13. Wow it looks like your egguffins turned out great! Your breakfast looks delish, I hardly ever buy blackberries, so when I see them in someone elses eats I get a real craving!