Tuesday, May 31, 2011

What's in my Bag?

I always loved these posts--maybe I am just the nosiest girl ever but I always wonder what everyone carries. Good thing I was inspired to do this today, because I have been on the go since I woke up (minus a little nap) and have lived in my gym clothes...gross? Please forgive me!
The Details:
Bag: 5th Avenue Leather Bag (just purchased at the Tanger Outlets during my trip to Ocean City, MD). I love how big it is, I can tote around my computer and all other "necessities"
ipod: Nano; I recently got into country, so if you have any face-paced(ish) songs please comment them :) 
Lypsyl: best chap-stick ever!
Gum: Trident (orange flavor), I am a huge gum addict.
Planner, notebook, pens: I am OCD about making lists and jotting down every little thing (PS: I'm a sucker for school supplies)
Book: I just finished The Island by Elin Hilderbrand and need to return it to the library. Call me Carrie Bradshaw but I love the smell of library books. This one is a great beach read if you are looking for a new book.
Keys: along with a host of key-chains ranging from a Tiffany & Co. one I got when I turned 16 (from my aunt) a Coach "C" from a friend, to a gym pass swipe-card.
Wallet: Juicy Couture pouch. I just like how small it is; I'm all about the "grab and go".
Sunglasses: O by Oscar de la Renta (purchased from Marshall's for $10)
Blackberry: I must stay connected at all times! It's a sickness. 
So there you have it!
What's in your bag? 
Like any of the same stuff as me?


  1. love this. Thanks love. I hope you had an amazing long weekend. xoxo


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  2. Oooo, I agree: it's so much fun to snoop through someone else's purse! :) I think I might have to copy this idea for a future blog post!

  3. I love these posts! I think its so fun to see what people carry with them... i have weird stuff. Toilet seat covers, toilet paper, bobby pins, bra straps... always something weird.

    Love this, thanks for sharing!

  4. I am obsessed with Lyspyl!!! It is def the best chapstick ever!!

    Love your blog too :)