Tuesday, January 10, 2012

"Cassie are you happy?"

It's been a while and I'm the one to blame. Honestly, I have put off writing for so many reasons I can't even begin to explain...nor do I want to bore everyone with the details. Tonight (with the help and advice of a great friend) I realized that I need to think about what makes me happy, TRULY happy. I feel like I (like most people) get caught up in over-analyzing insignificant things, and these things make me upset. And when I say insignificant I mean reallyyyyyyyy insignificant. Did he call me back? Did my boss really appreciate how much time I put into that project? Why don't my friends get why I'm mad? Did I really bail out on the last set of chest presses...really dumb stuff, people!

What am I going to do? STOP and think what makes me happy and figure out what is really important to me! Do I care that he didn't call, hell no! There are plenty other guys out there and who needs this one! Do I want to get serious about something? Well, I need to stop bit**in' about it and get er' done! Sorry for the crudeness and vagueness but I just need to start living for myself again so this post is in honor of me and anyone else who is breaking free from the horrible freakin' chains that are binding us to the STUPID and INSIGNIFICANT things that mind-f*** us daily!
Double-fisting and I don't care!
**side note: sorry for the cursing--my only excuse...I feel strongly about this, whoops! ;)


  1. Let it out, girl! Is the only way to move forward.

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